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Memory Man
Amos Decker #1
David Baldacci
Read by Ron McLarty / Orlagh Cassidy

Hachette Audio
4/21/2015 / ISBN 9781478929987
Thriller /Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Baldacci borrows bits and pieces from Social Media and Sci-Fi to create his newest series, and he does it well. To me, it looks like Baldacci pulled the killer's uniqueness from social media. Baldacci keeps the murderer's true identity well-hidden and makes his hero work hard to reveal it. Baldacci gives us a very unusual hero. He could be considered a superhuman, but only when it comes to his brain power. His name is Amos Decker. He's a family man and a police detective. Decker has perfect memory recall and he sees people and places in colors and numbers. Decker isn't your typical Baldacci hero, which is what I like about him the most. He's average looking, overweight, poorly dressed and rude. He hasn't bothered to hone or take advantage of his skills when it comes to his job, either. He sounds like a real loser, but as Baldacci slowly reveals Decker's story, you begin to understand and can't help but root for him.

In the opening chapters, we discover how Decker's brain damage came about and witness the loss of his family. Beware, it is graphic. Decker is forced out of his grief after his former partner tells him a suspect has admitted to murdering his family. Throughout the storyline, the suspect offers Decker a suspicious story, false hope, and crooked leads. It's maddening. Who would hate Decker enough to destroy his life? In his past, Decker was not a man who made an effort to right the wrong and make enemies in return. What Decker discovers is that the same perfect memory that tortured him daily with his family's death is the very tool that can bring his enemy to justice. It's a deadly path of emotional torment, mental training, and physical torture that listeners/readers will want to witness in order to see justice served, but to also help them to understand this hero and those he finally allows near him. The good news is that the last page of Memory Man is actually the beginning. I get excited just thinking about the next in series.

Team McLarty and Cassidy bring Baldacci's new series to life. They've narrated other titles by Baldacci and each narration is unique in its own right. With Memory Man, Ron successfully conveys Decker's various moods, as well as the other male characters. Orlagh brings to life Decker's patience former partner, as well as a gutsy reporter and other female characters. Mclarty and Cassidy are both well-known actors. McLarty is also an author; his latest title is Traveler. Cassidy is also well-known on the stage and has been seen on TV shows such as Sex and the City, Law & Order and The Guiding Light.

Reviewed 2015