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James Patterson & David Ellis
Read by Kevin T. Collins

Hachette Audio
Dec 2013 / ISBN 1478951702
Suspense / Washington, DC / Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Murder can be made to look like suicide, and suicide can be made to look like murder.- Mistress, James Patterson

Benjamin Casper is a reporter for The Capitol Beat. He's single, intelligent and inquisitive. He rides a Triumph motorcycle and owns a Cessna plane. He's also in a woman's apartment, going through her things - but it's not what you think. Diana Hotchkiss asked Ben to do something for her. They're close friends, but Ben believes that will all change. The strongest romances begin with friendship. When Diana takes a dive off a building, Ben discovers he doesn't know her at all. And his next story begins…

Pretty early in the storyline you get a hint of what's really going on, which drives Ben to search farther and dig deeper. Ben discovers there's more than one group of individuals who want him to mind his own business. Eventually the storyline picks up momentum and has the reader/listener wanting answers as well.

The author warns us from the start that Benjamin's mind wanders when stressed, which leads to a lot of trivia-like quotes (presidents, movies, etc). It does get old at some points. Also, Ben's mother died young and her death is brought up throughout. The story is told in first person. The main character's narration goes from curiosity to fear. And sometimes his humor surfaces in his trivia thoughts. As the mystery unravels, his guarded, determined journalist voice takes over.

Kevin T. Collins narrates Ben's investigation (as I call it). Collins does more than bring Ben to life - he is Ben. I don't think anyone else could give this young, curious (yet slightly odd) man the same read. Collins is well-known in TV, film, musical theater, and radio. He's also a popular narrator in audiobooks, including the popular Lone Survivor (Winner, Audiofile Earphones Award).

I think readers/listeners will appreciate the complex storyline. The audio version is nine discs and unabridged. I think if they ever do an abridged version they should leave out some of the trivia. Mistress is a suspense-filled listen. Pass it on.

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