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Mr. Monk Gets on Board
The Monk Series #17
Hy Conrad

May 6, 2014/ ISBN 978-0-451-24096-5

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Having never seen even one episode of the “Monk” television series, and having never read a previous book in this series, I wasn’t altogether sure what to expect. Now that I’ve read the book, I’m not altogether sure what to think.

While I understand the concept, that Adrian Monk is a brilliant detective who just happens to be a mess of phobias and OCD, and that he can be awkward and irritating, I didn’t “get it” while reading this book.

The story tells of Monk going on a cruise ship for business with his associate Natalie, who has recently earned her P I license. Monk is anxious and unhappy, but there is a cruise director who has a knack for making things better, until she dies, that is. Monk and Natalie then embark on an investigation to find out who is causing trouble on the voyage and if this all ties in to the death of Mariah, the cruise director. Honestly, I expected to be amused, but found myself confused instead.

Monk didn’t seem to be as much the protagonist of the story as the sidekick to Natalie. While the mystery itself was adequate, it wasn’t compelling. I guess if you were a fan of the TV show or have read other books in the series, you would probably want to read this, and not let my negative opinion persuade you otherwise. On the other hand, if I’m on the right track and this book doesn’t tie-in well with the TV show, you might just want to give this a pass. Use your own judgment on this one, ladies and gents.

Reviewed 2014