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Muffin but Murder
Merry Muffin Mystery #2
Victoria Hamilton

Berkley Prime Crime
July 2014 / ISBN 042525884X
Mystery – cozy - Holiday: Halloween

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Merry Wynter needed to sell her home - that was more like a castle in Autumn Vale, NY. She was planning to hold a pre-Halloween bash to show potential buyers what a wonderful place Wynter Castle could become with a little imagination. It would be a masked costume party – which would allow the town folks to mingle with celebrities and potential buyers.
In addition to planning the party with her two castle-mates, Merry now has a new more pressing problem. Cranston Higgins arrived several weeks ago and claims he is the rightful owner of Castle Wynter. He claims to be the grandson of Merry’s Uncle Melvyn. A DNA test would put his story to rest. Merry is not sure she can handle the truth.

The party is finally in full swing. Everyone seems to be having a great time. There are the usual party crashers. How they got in is a mystery as the invited guests were to be checked off on a list at the front door by Zeke and Gordy. With the party winding down, Merry goes out to check that the fire in the fire pit is out and sees the coffin that should be right inside the front door. This was Merry’s big concession to a Halloween themed party. She looks at the body in the coffin and realizes it is not a prop - but a real dead guy. Merry better be on guard as she tries to solve this murder – she could end up ghosted.

Things to ponder: Who spray painted “Go Home” on the castle wall? Why was Percy Channer more interested in the surrounding area than the castle tour? Who is the dead guy in the casket? Where is Juniper Jones?

This was another fun read. I always enjoy seeing what Merry and the gang are up to in Autumn Vale. There were plenty of twists to keep me turning those pages. The story is well-plotted and had me guessing whodunit right until the very end. The author has thoughtfully provided some yummy recipes. So if you like your mystery to have a spooky twist, then you should be reading Muffin but Murder.

Reviewed 2014