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Murder in Amsterdam
Gaslight Mystery Series, #17
Victoria Thompson

5/5/2015 / ISBN 9780425260470
Mystery / Historical / America

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


It’s hard to believe we are at number seventeen in the Gaslight mystery series. Malloy is no longer a detective and Sarah is no longer a midwife, although she does help when needed. Malloy purchased a house to renovate and once done they will marry. (Did I just hear a legion of fans yell, "Finally!"?) Malloy’s mother and deaf son, Brian, live with him now, and once married, Sarah, her adopted daughter, Catherine, and the Nanny, will move in too. My favorite character is Malloy’s mother, Mrs. Malloy. Mrs. Malloy still works at the Deaf school where Brian attends, she refuses to let money change her, and she often reminds her son there are people out there who are still in need of his help.

In this storyline, Sarah’s mother wants Sarah to visit the Oakes family on Amsterdam Avenue. Their only son, Charles, died of a sudden illness. During the visit, Gerald Oakes tells Sarah he wants Malloy to investigate Charles’ murder. Malloy agrees and finds a house full of family and servants living off the remnants of their former wealth. The family was in need of money when Charles was appointed superintendent of the Manhattan State Hospital, a mental institution. One day, Charles came home sick and died days later. It’s up to Malloy to solve the murder. Malloy gets some added help when Gino returns from Cuba. The two take center stage on this mystery. Their interrogation scenes had me on the edge of my seat; when questions came to my mind, the author met me question for question – great scenes. Readers can expect a complicated mystery filled with history, character interaction, and dialogue. Clues are dropped throughout so pay attention.

Excellent read.

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