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Murder in Murray Hill
Gaslight Mystery # 16
Victoria Thompson

May 5, 2015 / ISBN 978-0425260463
Mystery/Historical Fiction – 1890s New York City

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Detective Sergeant Frank Mallow is introduced to Mr. Livingston, who turns up at Police Headquarters to report his missing daughter, Grace. Frank discovers she responded to a “lonely hearts” ad and, believing she has been abducted, fears the worst. Then his Chief learns that Frank has inherited money and fires him, explaining that every cop on the force would envy and hate him for being rich. Fortunately, Mr. Livingston is determined to find his daughter and hires Frank as a private detective.

Sarah Brandt is Frank’s fiancée and has helped him solve many crimes. She also fears for the safety of the young woman and, being a midwife, hopes to be of help. To find the young victim, Frank, Sarah and her daughter’s nursemaid cook up a scheme that endangers them all.

While the author’s fictional criminal used newspaper ads to lure women, I found similarities to current usage of computers, phones, etc., for the same purpose: to lure unsuspecting females – and young children – for devious purposes. Victoria Thompson has done an excellent job in bringing this abysmal practice to the fore, and she is to be commended.

I found Murder in Murray Hill is an outstanding mystery that holds its own as a thrilling, fast-paced page-turner featuring a delicate yet important topic: criminal abduction. Victoria Thompson made me feel as though I were in late 19th century New York, enjoying the mannerisms, speech and customs in use then. Her main characters, Frank and Sarah, are adorable in their interactions and desire to find a suitable home for their families before they can marry. The secondary characters are all loveable, and I especially adored the way Sarah carefully included Frank’s mother in their discussion of marriage and home. Murder in Murray Hill was truly a winner for me.

Reviewer Note: Features female abduction, rape and imprisonment (no obscenity). Victoria Thompson is a national bestselling author, and an Edgar and Agatha award nominee.

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Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2015