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Murder of an Open Book
Scumble River Mystery #18
Denise Swanson

September 2015/ ISBN 045147211X
Mystery – Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Newly married Skye Denison-Boyd has a big secret. Could it be that she has started doing laps in the high school pool every morning? Or was it the run-in she had with science teacher Blair Hucksford - about using the pool and the locker room? Or maybe it was searching for a large amount of rubber ducks for a fund raiser her best friend Trixie is doing. I can tell you it is none of the above. Our Skye and husband Wally are expecting. Shortly after the run-in with Blair, Skye finds her body in the bottom of the high school pool. Skye had better be careful - as she is now sleuthing for two.
Things to ponder: Why was Blair so mean to Skye? Will Skye be able to keep the baby a secret until after the first trimester? Will the rubber duck race take place?

It is always a treat to get to visit Scumble River and spend time with Skye and her friends and family. The story pulls you right in and holds you until the very end. Cozy mystery lovers will love taking this journey along with Skye. They will want to know whodunit. So, if you like your mystery featuring a favorite protagonist, then you should be reading Murder of an Open Book.

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Reviewed 2015