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Murder, Served Simply
Amish Quilt Shop Mystery #3
Isabella Alan

Obsidian Mystery
December 2, 2014/ ISBN 0451413652
Cozy Mystery / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Angie Braddock is dealing with quite a bit this holiday season. Her parents are spending Christmas in Rolling Brook, OH with her. The unexpected and unwanted addition of her ex, Ryan Dickinson, is causing Angie much grief. Life goes on and so will the progressive dinner that night. Each store will serve a course with the main course being served at the Swiss Valley Hotel. The play, An Amish Christmas, will be seen at the barn next door after dinner.

Dinner at the hotel is a lively affair with the actors sitting with the guests. Angie is sitting next to the play's lead, Eve Shetler. Angie even hands out programs before the play begins. An accident with a piece of the scenery causes the death of one of the actors. It turns out this was not an accident. The rope used to move the tree limb has been cut. Angie had better be careful solving this murder even if the play is the thing.

Things to ponder: Why did Ryan come to Rolling Brook? Where was Nahum Shetler during the commotion? Will the sheriff ever get to meet Angie's parents? Will the play go on?

Wow. I think this series gets better with each book. I love the characters and how they interact with each other. The story is well plotted and became a page-turner of a read for me. I had to find out whodunit. Cozy mystery lovers will love solving this mystery. The author has provided instructions to make your own Amish Quilted Snowman. The next in this delightful series will be out in October 2015. Look for Murder, Plainly Read. So if you like your mystery filled with holiday spirit, then you should be reading Murder, Served Simply.

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