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Murder, Simply Stitched
An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery #2
Isabella Alan

June 3, 2014 / ISBN 0451413644
Mystery - Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Angela Braddock was at the Rolling Brook Amish Auction. She had several quilts up for bid and was hoping to make enough money to tide her over until the tourist season started up again. She sees her friend Rachel Miller having an argument with Wanda Hunt- a township trustee for Rolling Brook. Wanda does not want Rachel's husband Aaron to build a factory on Sugartree Street because it would be ugly and bad for tourism. Wanda says she will make sure to stop the factory from being built. Rachel gives Wanda a blueberry fry pie to show no hard feelings. Wanda is concerned about nuts. Rachel points to her sign that says no nuts were used to make the pies. So Wanda takes it and hurries off.

Oliver is missing. He is Angie's French Bull Dog. She finds him in the bunny pen. The bunnies are protecting Oliver as if he were one of their own. A little later, Angie takes Oliver for a walk and they end up by the canning shed. The door is open but no one is inside. Oliver is pulling his leash so Angie follows him around the canning shed and finds a dead Wanda still holding her half eaten blueberry fry pie. Sheriff James Mitchell is treating the death like a murder even before he has the coroner's report. He thinks Rachel makes a good prime suspect. Even though the sheriff warns Angie not to interfere, she feels she has to help her friend. Angie had better be careful of she could end up with no bids.

Things to ponder: Why was Wanda by the canning shed? Who knew about Wanda's nut allergies? Why was Wanda not carrying an Epi Pen?

This was a fun read. I had me right from the beginning when Angie was trying to catch Petunia a runaway goat. There are several laugh-out-loud parts in the book. Finding poor Oliver hiding out in the bunny pen was a laugh until you cry moment. This is a well-plotted fast-paced book. I found it impossible to put this book down. I needed to find out whodunit. So, if you like your mystery with a home-made fry pie, then you should be reading Murder, Simply Stitched. Be sure to look for Murder, Served Simply in December 2014.


Reviewed 2014