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Murder Ties the Knot
Haunted Souvenir Shop Mystery #4
Christy Fifield

Berkley Prime Crime
March 3, 2015/ ISBN 978-0-425-27924-3
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Glory Martine doesn't have a lot of spare time. Besides running her souvenir shop, Southern Treasures, she's in the midst of helping her best friend, Karen, plan her wedding. At least she's managed to keep her nose clear of any murder investigations for well over a year, so that's something. Yet even though it's winter in Keyhole Bay, Florida, things are about to heat up as a double murder puts Glory right back into the thick of things.

The murders occur in Alabama, where Glory had gone to pick up a wedding quilt she'd ordered as a gift for Karen and her soon-to-be (again) husband, Riley. Although the supplier, Beth and her husband Everett aren't home, and Glory doesn't stumble upon the bodies, she's aware that something is off, and when she later returns to the scene, tagging along with reporter Karen, its game on once again, especially when Everett is charged with murder and Beth with being an accessory to the killings.

As Glory tries to help her friends, she's also struggling with finding financing to buy the Lighthouse Coffee shop next door to Southern Treasures, while simultaneously buying out her pest of a cousin, Peter's shares of the gift shop. Some of her closest friends, as well as her boyfriend, Jake, offer financial assistance, but Glory doesn't want to risk their friendships by mixing business with pleasure. After all, these people are who she has chosen as her own little family, and that is worth more than anything else to her.

This is yet another page-turner in an established cozy series, and it makes for a delightful weekend read. I especially like that the author took care to let Glory have had a year and a half between murder investigations. In so many mysteries, the protagonist goes from murder to murder at near break-neck speed and it becomes hard to suspend one's disbelief after a while.

Murder Ties the Knot is a realistic mystery, with likable characters and a down-to-earth feel about it. The interwoven tales of Ginny's friends, combined with the small town feel makes the reader feel at home and amongst friends. An added bonus is several pages of mysteries from the book, included after the story.

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