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No Mallets Intended
Vintage Kitchen Mystery #4
Victoria Hamilton

Berkley Prime Crime
November 2014/ ISBN 0425271390
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Jaymie Leighton is back and involved with restoring Dumpe Manor to its former beauty. Well, at least the kitchen. It will be painted in period colors and include vintage utensils, a Hoosier cabinet and a huge box of assorted mallets — the kind used for pounding meat. Unfortunately, someone decided to use a mallet on Jaymie. She was knocked unconscious and woke to Hoppy, her three-legged Yorkie-Poo, licking her. Nothing was taken from the house —recently purchased by the Queensville Heritage Society. Just what was the intruder looking for in Dumpe Manor?

Jaymie and several friends attend an auction with the hopes of finding some treasures. Jaymie is looking for items for the kitchen she is decorating and has her eye on a Hoosier cabinet too. She wins a box of utensils and the Hoosier Cabinet. The ladies decide to bring it all to Dumpe Manor. Strange that Theo Carson and Isolde Rasmussen are in the house – Jaymie is pretty sure neither one of them has a key to the Manor. Later that night, Jaymie gets a text from Isolde to go to Dumpe Manor. She gets her friend Valetta Nibley to go along with her and Hoppy. The house is dark and there is no sign of Isolde. They check the back entrance which has recently been cleared. They find a very dead Theo Carson and still no sign of Isolde.

Things to ponder: What was causing Cynthia’s odd behavior? Why was Theo interested in the new security system for Dumpe Manor? Was the Sultan’s Eye the object the intruder was looking for? What were Theo and Isolde arguing about at the auction?

I always enjoy reading a new addition to the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series. The protagonist, Jaymie finds herself mixed up in another murder investigation in the quaint town of Queensville, Michigan. The author sets up the story by providing several potential suspects having arguments with Theo. This is a fast-paced story that will be enjoyed by cozy mystery readers. The well-plotted mystery will keep you guessing whodunit. Will you be able to eliminate the suspects and be left with the killer? The author has thoughtfully included Jaymie’s updated version of Turkey Roulettes. So, if you like your mystery to have an antique flavor, then you should be reading No Mallets Intended.

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