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Off Kilter
Scottish Highlands Mystery #1
Hannah Reed

October 7, 2014/ ISBN 042526582X
Mystery / Cozy / Scotland

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Writer, Eden Elliott – somewhere in her thirties – is mourning the loss of her mother and her marriage. Thanks to her BFF, Ami Penderson, Eden is leaving Chicago for Scotland. Ami is a popular romance writer who wants her Bestie to take a trip, snag a Scot, and write her own romance novel.

During the trip Eden meets Vicki MacBride and the two hit it off. When Eden arrives in Glenkillen, she meets the MacBrides, who aren’t happy that’s she taken up with their stepsister. It seems Vicki just inherited their land and business. The MacBrides’ father’s funeral is followed up by a gathering at the Kilt and Thistle -- and another dead body. Vicki and Eden quickly become the suspects. Detective Inspector Jamieson and his bumbling volunteer, Special Constable Sean Stevens, are assigned to the case. Eden does her best to get in the middle of the case, because someone needs to stand up for Vicki.

Off Kilter is a remarkable first in series. Hannah Reed gives cozy readers a mystery, a likable protagonist, her own view of the Scottish Highlands, plenty of adorable critters, and a sexy guy in a kilt. Everything flows so well, the plot and the dialogue. By the end of the book I could see where the main characters and the series are heading, and I want to follow along. Off Kilter is so engaging you’ll finish it in one sitting.

Reviewed 2014