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On Borrowed Time
Library Lover's Mystery #5
Jenn McKinlay

Berkley Prime Crime
Nov 7, 2014 / ISBN 978-0-425-26073-9
Mystery / Cozy / Amateur Sleuth / Holiday: Notes: Christmas

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Library director Lindsey Norris is excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday, and she's looking forward to the weekly crafternoon book club meeting one Thursday afternoon. The group meets for book discussion, done while working on crafts, and then noshing on some delicious food. It was usually one of the highlights of her week. On this particular Thursday, however, when she unlocks the meeting room, there is someone inside! Imagine her surprise when it is her brother, Jack, who hasn't given any warning that he was coming! Lindsey agrees to let the over-tired Jack sleep in the room, keep it quiet that he is there, and hold the meeting in another room.

When Lindsey goes back to check on Jack, he's gone, but there is another man in the room. A very dead man! It seems Jack is in a whole peck of trouble, and although she sees him again later that evening, he quickly disappears as she and ex-boyfriend Captain Mike Sullivan give chase. Kidnapped and in a life-threatening situation, things don't look good for Jack. Will Lindsay be able to save her brother without getting him in trouble with the police? Or will someone turn Lindsay's lights out so she'll never read again?

I liked that this mystery had an international flair, yet still kept all of the small town Briar Creek, Connecticut, characters involved. There were enough twists and turns to keep me guessing, and although Lindsey did put herself directly in danger, she was smart enough to have back-up so she wasn't in it alone. I'm always thrilled when an author doesn't write the heroine as what I not-so-affectionately refer to as “Too Stupid To Live.” Lindsey is most definitely a smart-cookie, and I enjoy her adventures and her day-to-day life.

As usual, author Jenn McKinlay has written a page-turner of a mystery that will appeal to cozy mystery lovers everywhere. The book is appropriate for teens and adults, and would be great for a book club. In fact, at the end of the story, there is a Briar Creek Library Guide to Crafternoons. It includes an example of a reader's guide, a craft and some recipes. Personally, I really appreciate the extra effort that was put into this section. Thank you Jenn!

As a final note, if you are a coffee drinker, please make sure you have coffee on hand before you sit down to read "On Borrowed Time."

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