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Pearls and Poison
Consignment Shop Mystery #3
Duffy Brown

Berkley Prime Crime
March 2014/ ISBN 0425252485
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


With elections in Savannah, GA being held in two weeks, the mudslinging is getting out of hand. Kip Seymour is running against Judge Gloria Summerside for City Council Alderman. Kip’s attack ads are getting vicious. Gloria has had enough. She goes to his campaign headquarters and has it out with him. She is yelling at him right on the street - threatening his very life. Not something a Southern lady normally would be caught doing. The topper is Gloria connects with one punch and decks Kip. This is seen by anyone with a cell phone camera and Reagan Summerside - who is Gloria’s daughter. Gloria is sent to The Prissy Fox consignment shop to wait and see if Reagan can fix this mess. With the arrival of Reagan’s Auntie Kiki, they go to talk to Kip. Being told he is busy does not stop this duo from interrupting and going into his office. What they find is a dead Kip on the floor. Since Kip had a bad ticker, everyone is convinced Kip had a heart attack. The police have another idea. It seems the bourbon in Kip’s glass has been poisoned. Guess who brought it to Kip? If you are thinking Gloria – then you would be right. Now the police have taken Reagan’s mom in for questioning. Looks like Gloria is the prime suspect. Reagan, with help from Auntie Kiki, will have to find the real killer. Reagan had better be careful or she could be marked down as the next victim.

Things to ponder: Who poisoned the bourbon and is trying to frame Gloria for murder? Will there still be an election? Where is the bottle of bourbon?

If you are looking for a fun read, then you have found it. Not only does Duffy Brown give you a first class mystery to solve, but one that will have you laughing out loud. Our favorite characters are back and ready to go. This was a fast-paced page turner. It has stellar plotting and plenty of red dresses ---I mean herrings to keep you turning those pages to find out whodunit. So if you like your mystery filled with bargain accessories, then you should be reading Pearls and Poison.

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