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Picked to Die
Orchard Mystery # 8
Sheila Connolly

Berkley Prime Crime
October 2014/ ISBN 0425257118
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


It is apple harvest time and Meg Corey and her orchard manager, Bree, are busy with their Jamaican crew, making sure they are picking all the ripe apples. Recently engaged, Meg has no time to plan a wedding or even think of anything --- except apples. So it comes as a surprise that so much construction is going on in the small town of Granford, Massachusetts. The Historical Society is digging out a basement to house artifacts and all the documents that are scattered around town. The are finally going to get indoor plumbing and heat. The project should only take a few days, and Seth Chapin, Meg's fiance, is making sure it will come in on time and budget. They didn't take into account the skull that is found by high school boy scout - Jeffrey Green. He is on-site to earn some vital badges. Police Chief Art Preston declares the area a crime scene because all unexplained deaths must be investigated.

Since the skull is over 200 years old, the site is released and work continues. Jeffrey spends as much time on site as possible. He is really getting into finding out about the dead guy. That night, a body is found behind the local feed store. The person that found the body is Jeffrey Green. While the police have not declared him a prime suspect, Jeffrey is a person of interest.

Meg decides to look into this murder. Jeffrey's family is not very supportive, and he can use help from Meg and Seth. Meg had better be very careful solving this murder, because you never know which apple has the worm.

Things to ponder: Who was buried under the Historical Society Building? What was Jeffrey Green doing at the feed store --- after hours? Is Rick's concern for his nephew politically motivated?

Once again, Sheila Connolly has delivered another scrumptious read. This eighth book in the Orchard Mystery series is as crisp as the first. The mystery is cleverly plotted and soon had me turning those pages. The author has provided some yummy recipes including one for Apple Cream Pie. Cozy mystery lovers will eat up this delightful read. So, if you like your mystery to taste like a beautiful fall day, then you should be reading Picked to Die.
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