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Poison at the PTA Tile
PTA Mystery #5
Laura Alden

Laura Alden Obsidian Mystery
February 4, 2014/ ISBN 0451415078
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Beth has been doing too much. She is falling apart at the seams. Her family, job and PTA work are wearing her down. So her friends and family and co-workers stage an intervention. They will do chores and jobs to make her life easier for the next 6 weeks. Seems easy right? Not for Beth. She does not know to slow down. So after the PTA in Review – celebrating the 80th anniversary of the PTA, she takes one of the speakers home. Cookie Van Doorne seems to have a bad case of the flu.

Cookie seems to be on the mend. However, several days later Beth finds out that Cookie is in the hospital. She goes to visit her and then goes on with her life. So it is a shock to find out that Cookie has died. It is being ruled an accidental overdose. Beth finds evidence that leads her to believe that Cookie was murdered and it definitely was not accidental.

Things to ponder: Why is Marina avoiding Beth? Will the PTA ever decide how to spend the money raised from the Storybook sale? Can Jenna become the number one goalie on her team?

This has been one of my very favorite series since I read the first book, Murder at the PTA. The protagonist does take on the case. However, she has to fit in solving the murder between being a mom, having a full time job and handling the business of the PTA. It is very well plotted and I kept reading to find out what happened next. Having Marina act all mysterious was pure genius. I needed to know what would happen to her just as much as I needed Beth to solve the murder. So if you like to be schooled while reading your mystery, then you should be reading Poison at the PTA.


Reviewer Note:
Reviewed 2014