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Private Down Under
Private / International # 7
James Patterson, Michael White
Read by Tim Wright

Hachette Audio
8/26/2014/ ISBN
Mystery / Suspense / Detective Agency
Deaf Character:
Ho Chang/ 19 year-old Asian murder victim

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Justine Smith of Private LA detective agency arrives to celebrate the opening of Jack Morgan’s Sydney branch of Private. Craig Gisto and Mary Clarke lead Austrian branch. During the celebration, a victim crashes the party and becomes Private’s first murder case. The victim is nineteen-year-old Ho Chang, Deaf at birth; he chose to live an independent life. His father, Ho Meng, is a wealthy importer / exporter and former commissioner in the Hong Kong Police Force. Mary is ex-military police and knows Ho Meng from Hong Kong. Ho Meng doesn’t like the local police so he hires Private to find his son’s killer. Inspector Mark Talbot, of Sydney local area command, is handling the Ho Change case. Craig and Mark are cousins with a bitter past. Mark resents Private taking part in his case. Private is also hired by a paranoid rock star who is sure his manager thinks he’s worth more dead than alive. The third storyline is the death of a rich friend of the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police. Her murder is just the beginning. Each murder is violent and graphic. Justine shares her knowledge on how to address this violent, complicated case.

The audio version is narrated by Australian Broadway, Film, and Television actor Tim Wright. Listeners will appreciate Wright’s narration as he brings to life the newest characters of Private, including leader Craig Gisto. Craig appears vain and self-important but the listeners/readers are privy to his past and why he identifies with the victims’ families. For me, Wright’s narration and Australian accent adds that final touch of Cool to Private’s latest cast of characters. Loads of graphic content so remember those earbuds.

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Note: extreme violence and language
Reviewed 2014