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Private India: City on Fire
Private / International #8
James Patterson, Ashwin Sanghi
Read by Amerjit Deu

Hachette Audio
11/11/2014 / ISBN 9781478985419
Private Detective Agency / International / India / Audiobook - CD / Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


In City on Fire the prologue moves from a 2006 storyline involving pressure-cooker bombs to present day and the first murder.

Private owner Jack Morgan returns and this time he’s opening a Private Detective agency in India. The storyline begins with a murder at a local hotel, and it’s the hotel manager who doesn’t want the police involved. Private India team leader Santosh advises the manager to call the police and tell them Private India will be handling the case. The Police commissioner feigns too many cases and not enough men as a reason to pass on this case as long as Private answers to him. Private soon discovers they’re searching for a serial killer who resents strong, powerful women. The case is bigger than anyone realizes. Jack makes an appearance, and when it’s revealed that he was involved with one of the victims, the local police consider their partnership a conflict of interest. Jack and his new team refuse to stand down. Jack and Santosh Wagh chase leads and try to prevent further murders, including one against their own. Even worse, Santosh’s personal nightmare is about to come true. Will he emotionally survive it or return to the bottle….

As always, Jack puts a crack team together. His professional relationship with Santosh goes years back. Santosh is physically and emotionally haunted by the 2006 bombings and a car accident. It’s Jack Morgan who saved Santosh by hiring him. Nisha is the only female member on the team. She takes notes and answers to Santosh. Hari is Private India’s geek wizard and team member. Mubeen is all things medical. The local police allow him to examine the first victim.

The Private series is one of my favorites. I found Private India a successful follow-up to Private Australia with its striking characters (good and evil), a plot line with enough twists and turns to make you dizzy, and a storyline so violent and perverted you’ll want to look away, or in this case of the audio version, cover your ears.

Amerjit Deu narrates the audio version. His narration conveys a darker side of India as his voice gives a calm, chilling narration of a psychotic murderer, as well as a haunted team leader driven to do good. It’s a powerful narration. It’s also very graphic so remember your headset.

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