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Private Vegas
Private / Jack Morgan #9
James Patterson, Maxine Paetro
Read by Jay Snyder

Hachette Audio
1/26/2015 / ISBN 9781611130478
Detective Agency / Audiobook - CD /Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Jack Morgan is the owner of Private, an investigative firm with offices around the US, Europe, India and Australia. Although the title is Private Vegas, most of the main storyline takes place Jack’s backyard, so to speak (Los Angeles), Jack eventually heads to Nevada.

The prologue is about a woman named Laurie, a mother of three, racing her Escalade against a man in a Beamer. He drives off angry, and she’s left wondering why she would risk her own life to race.

The storyline itself begins with a rape and attempted murder by visiting diplomats. Captain Luke Warren and Jack Morgan break into the bungalow to save the victims but the victims refuse to press charges, so the diplomats walk away and continue to torment the wealthy locals.

When Jack Morgan returns to home he finds colleague Justine taking a swim in his pool. Their relationship is void of commitment, which works well for them. Jack was falsely accused of killing his last girlfriend, so a relationship is not something he wants. While they’re at the house, Jack’s Lamborghini blows up. Poor Jack loses an expensive car, along with his eyebrows and eyelashes. Someone wants Jack dead.

To add more to the chaos – Jack’s friend and Private’s main man is charged with assault. He’s accused of beating a former girlfriend. Jack and Del Rio are former military and Del Rio saved Jack’s life. Due to Del Rio’s well-known temper and the court proceedings things do not look good for Jack’s company. Enter Jack’s worse enemy, twin brother Tommy. Tommy is older than Jack by three minutes and named after their father. Their father is another story in itself. Tommy has already tried to frame Jack for murder and extort him, but this time Tommy actually walks through the front door of Private and makes Jack a multi-million dollar offer. Tommy wants Private back. Jack’s dismissal of him has Tommy looking for revenge once again.

In Patterson, fashion Private Vegas is a suspenseful narrative that pulls the reader/listener in various directions. There is plenty of suspense, action, violence, and language as the good guys try to save others from the bad guys. I listened to the audio version, and when Patterson jumped from one storyline to another, it grabbed my attention and sometimes had me rewinding; I wanted to see if the threads were intertwined or not. Jay Snyder lends his voice to the audio version, and it’s certainly an outstanding suspense-filled narration; I listened closely in anticipation, waiting to see who was going to survive. On a side note, Patterson is also good at Brand Name dropping; there are quite a few expensive car brands mentioned along with Halliburton, Chef Wolfgang Puck, and more. While listening to the audio version, I noticed the way they were mentioned made them sound like mini commercials.

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