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Purebred Dead
Canine Mystery #1
Kathleen Delaney

Severn House Digital
28 August 2015/ ASIN: B010SWR5BG
Mystery/Cozy / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Mary McGill is a wonderful organizer and a boon to her small hometown in California. Her latest venture is the annual Christmas pageant, but things go seriously awry when the manger is discovered not to contain a doll but a body, and cowering in the straw a small puppy and two young children. They saw a figure running from the crime scene when they went in to comfort the puppy, but who was it and will they be back to deal with the witnesses?

This is book one in a new cozy series with a canine twist that manages to contain most of the things I enjoy about the genre and none of the things I don’t. The former would be a small town setting with plenty of lively, interesting characters and a good story and the latter would be overuse of stereotypes. There are no unbelievably wacky people in here, no interfering mother, sexy cop or overdone themes, not even any romance. Mary is an older lady who is comfortable in her own skin and has had a career and two husbands. She is helping a homeless charity and gets to know about some new topics such as various things pertaining to dogs, breeding, vets and more as well as coming to know her neighbors better. Some books with a theme end up being too much theme and not enough of anything else but not this one; you don’t have to be passionate about dogs to enjoy it. I would certainly read another one and as this series is a spinoff of another one I will be looking out for this author’s back list as well as subsequent work. Presses all the right buttons and should appeal to a wider audience than just hardcore cozy fans.


Reviewed 2015