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The Quest
Nelson DeMille
Read by Scott Brick

Center Street
September 17, 2013 / ISBN 1478952385
Adventure / 1970s / Africa / Audiobook, CD, Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The Quest takes place during the Ethiopian Civil War (1970s). Listeners are first introduced to an Italian priest held prisoner for forty years. As he reminisces about the last time he saw a human face, a battle takes place and frees him. The protagonists in this adventure are two journalists (Frank Purcell, Henry Mercado) and a photographer (Vivian Smith). While looking for a story during this war, the trio discovers an Italian mineral bath spa built during the Italian occupation. Here, they meet a wounded priest who tells them what he saw forty years ago and why he was held prisoner. The revelation gives the trio the quest of a lifetime.

The trio moves across the country looking for the Black Monastery hiding the Holy Grail. Purcell looks for someone in power to give them a clear (legal) path to their quest. What he does is make the quest even deadlier. As I listened I wondered which of them would make it out alive.

I found The Quest a well-written adventure. It was a bit slow, most likely because it's an unabridged audio. The priest goes on for two discs before the listener discover what he's talking about. There is a lot of dialogue but there is some action as well… And of course the author's rewrite added some romance.

Narrator Scott Brick brings DeMille's characters to life. He gives the priest an aged voice - frail in body, yet strong in faith. Vivian comes across as self-assured and mysterious. Purcell's voice is unwavering to match his leadership qualities. And Henry comes across as vain yet a believer. It's quite a listen. If you like thrillers with a literary feel, make some time for The Quest.

Reviewed 2014