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Rebel Without a Cake
A Piece of Cake Mystery #5
Jacklyn Brady

Berkley Prime Crime
September 2, 2014/ ISBN 978-0-425-25827-9
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Rita Lucero has been running Zydeco Cakes, a specialty gourmet cake business for over a year now, but things never seem to settle down. No matter how hard she tries, her mother-in-law, Miss Frankie keeps volunteering her for things. You see, Rita and Miss Frankie co-own the business which had belonged to Rita's nearly ex-husband, Philippe, who was murdered before the divorce papers were signed.

Not only does Rita have her hands full running the business Miss Frankie signs the checks and makes “suggestions,”she also has a penchant for getting involved in murder investigations. Investigations which invariably put her own life in danger. So when there is a murder in the swamp town where Miss Frankie's neighbor, Bernice grew up, Rita is determined to stay home in New Orleans on safe ground.

Fate, however, has other plans, and despite Rita's latest project, a huge society event cake and being tasked with catering, too, the swamp town of Baie Rebelle, keeps pulling her back into the thick of things. The locals have closed ranks, and even the most-likely-innocent, but suspected killer, Bernice's cousin Eskil, won't talk to clear his own name. With staff member Edie's baby due at any time, godmother to be Rita wants to get things straightened out so she can get home, get to work on the Belle Lune Ball, figure out her own plans to be with her family for the holidays and have some time for the two sexy men she's dating. Talk about exhausting!

The change of location from New Orleans to Baie Rebelle is a really smart move by author Brady. Taking several of the main characters out of their comfort zone brought a whole new range of options to the table. I enjoyed this book so much I took it with me everywhere I went today so anytime I had even five minutes to read, I could get through a few more riveting pages!

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