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The Red Road
Alex Morrow Mystery # 4
Denise Mina
Read by Cathleen McCarron

Hachette Audio
February 25, 2014/ ISBN 1478981989
Mystery / Police Procedural / Scottish / Audiobook - Unabridged / CDs

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The Red Road first takes us back to 1997 and introduces us to secondary character named Rose Wilson. We discover Rose is a teen prostitute turned murderer. We witness her transition and her most inner thoughts. It’s heartbreaking and nauseating. Rose returns later in the storyline...

There is more than one thread in The Red Road. Morrow’s brother is a gangster and someone threatens her job because of him. Alex is a witness in the case of an arms dealer. During this case, she also deals with an overly flirtatious lawyer, giving her ideas. Remember, Alex is married with twins. Another lawyer knows he’s going to be killed so he takes the situation into his own hands to get others out of harm’s way. Then Rose Wilson reappears, all grown up… The story shifts from fascinating to terrifyingly gripping.

The Red Road is the second Mina/Morrow mystery for me. Listening to it, I’m reminded of how well Mina puts a storyline together. It’s thorough and intense. She goes into such detail with her characters’ personalities that, at some points, I had to cover my ears and say: too much information!

I like the main character Morrow. She’s intelligent enough to spar with the best in court, and she doesn’t let the criminals or the bullies get to her. The most memorable character in this storyline is Rose – abuse, murder, survival, then nanny…crazy.

Cathleen McCarron narrates the audio version. She’s does an amazing job bringing to life these edgy characters living on dark side of Glasgow. McCarron is a professional who has narrated various genres (romance, fiction, mystery).

Again, if you like the intensity of mystery authors Ian Rankin or Val McDermid you should check out this series.

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Reviewer's Notes: Explicit Content / Language
Reviewed 2014