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Remains of Innocence [review 2]
Joanna Brady Series #16
J A Jance

William Morrow
July 22, 2014/ ISBN 9780062134707
Suspense / Law Enforcement

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt


A bestselling author of over 40 something novels, Jance delivers on this one as well. Put in a female Sheriff, a dead body, and a thousand miles away bad blood, found money, and murder and you’ve got suspense. Call it crazy but it’s a formula that is used over and over again expecting different results.

Sheriff Joanna Brady was elected to the job after her husband died from a drug deal gone bad shoot out. The townspeople were skeptical at first but after proving her seriousness for the job, their distrust melted away. She now finds herself in the middle of a puzzle that spans two states and two dead. Is she up for the job? With a small staff and a husband and children at home, Joanna begins to put the missing pieces together.

Not quite sure how I feel about this one. The premise is intriguing but the execution left me flat. Jance does a good job of opening the story with action and putting the reader immediately in the middle of a question mark. But the resolution is weak.

Innocence is seventeenth in the Brady series so it might be a good investment, if you are a fan, to start with her first, Desert Heat. I think you will have a better familiarity with the characters development over the years and more empathy for their story.

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