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Resurrection Men
Inspector John Rebus #13
Ian Rankin
Read by James Macpherson

Hachette Audio
2/28/2015 / ISBN 9781478958826
Police Procedural / Contemporary / Scotland / Audiobook – Download

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The introduction to Resurrection Men has Ian Rankin explaining how the current title and plot came to him. Rankin’s research for The Falls offered a history lesson in grave robbing and gave him the title of his next book - Resurrection Man. Rankin tells us the plot came thanks to a book review by the city’s chief constable. He admired Rebus’s detective skills but noted, with Rebus’ bad habits and life style, he would have ended up back at Tulliallan, a Scottish Police College. Tulliallan is based at Tulliallan Castle, which isn’t a castle but a mock baronial home with modern buildings attached. It’s located between Glasgow and Edinburgh - more or less. James Macpherson narrates the audio version and he does an outstanding job as always. He definitely has Rebus down pat.

It’s a flying mug of tea that sends Rebus to Tulliallan. During a meeting, he blows up at Chief Superintendent Gill and shows her want he thinks. Andrea in career analysis thinks it’s professional jealousy. Rebus may have issues with Gill and her current promotion, but not his partner Siobhan Clarke, who is now a Detective Sergeant. In this mystery, Siobhan realizes she must keep her secrets if she wants to be where DCI Templer is. Right now, this promotion is testing her patience, and it’s her temporary partner DC Davie Hynds who is testing it. He’s certainly green and unknowingly disrespectful at times. They’re investigating the murder of an art dealer named Edward Marber. Her partner quickly discovers who the good cop is and who the bad cop is, but he does hold his own when interviewing the painter.

DI Rebus ends up at Tulliallan with a group labeled “The Wild Bunch” – DI Gray from Glasgow, DS Sutherland from Livingston, DI Barclay from Falkirk, DI McCullough (Jazz) from Dundee and DC Ward from Dumfries. Rebus’ team is made up of men like himself – misfits, troublemakers, older men who prefer to work solo. This should be interesting. They end up in a case management class with DCI Tennant (retired), who gives them a dormant file (a resurrection file). It’s the Eric Lomax case, a six-year old case that Rebus knows well. The victim was bludgeoned to death on a busy Friday night and no one seemed to notice or care. Tennant advises the men they will operate as a team and will be taped while working the case. Paperwork, files and trips lead the men to some interesting discoveries about the case and themselves. Rebus is typically paranoid and maybe that’s a good thing. He meets up with Siobhan and they discover their cases are connected. They work hard and fast to solve the cases and at some points have to fight for their lives. Those scenes alone make for an intense listen.

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