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A Root Awakening
A Flower Shop Mystery #16
Kate Collins

February 3, 2015 / ISBN 978-0-451-41551-6
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Abby Knight Salvare and her new husband, Marco, are house hunting. Their Realtor takes them to see a fixer-upper, and although Abby isn't impressed by the exterior, a curious little girl who lived in the house intrigues her. Complicating matters, a construction worker took a nasty fall off a tall ladder and is in critical condition. The Jones family, who were renting the house, moves out the very same night. Are the two events related?

When the wife of the worker, Rosa Marin, hires Abby and Marco to investigate the accident, Abby starts her own, independent investigation into what happened to the Jones family. There are co-workers who all held grudges against Sergio Marin, but could it be that Rosa herself caused her husband's "accident?"

Once again, Kate Collins has masterfully crafted a clever mystery full of well-developed long term characters interspersed with new ones, who breathe a new life into the series. If you have followed the Flower Shop series for long, you are in for a treat with this new book. If you have not read the previous books, this one is still great as a stand alone, but I bet it will leave you more than ready to go back to the beginning and read the previous 15 stories.

I read this on a winter weekend with a roaring fire and a snowstorm outside my window, and the images conjured of Abby's flower shop, Bloomers, gave me just the touch of spring thinking I needed.

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