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Saving Faith
David Baldacci
Read by Michael Kramer

Hachette Audio
2014 / ISBN 9781478952503
Thriller / Government / CIA / FBI / Lobbist / Audiobook - Unbridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Baldacci’s Saving Faith opens with high ranking men meeting in an underground super bunker. Instead of gathering to discuss politics, war, or terrorism, they’re planning the murder of a woman who talks too much. Her named is Faith Lockhart. We discover right away CIA deputy director Robert Thornhill is in charge, and he’s the epitome of evil. It’s not enough that Faith is turning on the CIA; she is now an FBI witness. The CIA and FBI only work together in CTC (Counter Terrorism Center), other than that they don’t like or trust each other. They spend plenty of time and money spying on each other. Faith is turning on her boss (a Lobbyist) and various powerful men in Washington who are involved in blackmail and bribery to get what they want and more. Faith’s boss is Danny Buchannan and his relationship with Thornhill is a twisted one – they use spy gadgets on each other, and spar with threats, but they insist on seeing their plan through. Thornhill advises the others that along with Faith, a federal agent, and one other will die. Once the men in the super bunker agree on the three murders the work begins.

A forgotten cottage in Virginia is suddenly a place of interest -- first, a jogger with a lock pick then a Russian assassin, and last Faith and FBI Agent Newman. The jogger is Lee Adams, a man with a boring past, but that’s about to change. When the shooting starts its Faith and Lee who escape, and it’s an interesting position they’re in – two strangers full of fear and mistrust dependent on each other because the Russian is still shooting. And here is where I recommend you get settled in because this is just the beginning of a suspense-filled read/listen.

In true Baldacci style, readers get a complex storyline with unforgettable characters. There are characters you know are bad and those you will suspect until the last page. I have to say, Thornhill is one heck of a character; the only world that exists for him is the world of power and spies. Baldacci is an expert at suspenseful dialogue and cryptic bad-guys comments, but, for me, it’s the showdowns and revelations that leave me speechless….

I enjoyed the audio version, but it took some time to getting use to the narrator. Michael Kramer’s narration was sometimes stilted, and he sighed often at the end of each sentence. He does pull off an evil Thornhill you won’t soon forget.

Reviewed 2015