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Scorched Eggs
Cackleberry Club #6
Laura Childs

12/2/2014 / ISBN 9780425255599
Mystery / Cozy / Amateur Sleuth / Recipes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


If your stomach is growling or you need an amateur sleuth to prove your innocence, Crackleberry Club Café is still the place to go. Owners, Suzanne, Petra, and Toni continue to delight locals with their distinctive dishes as Suzanne plays detective – minus the fee.

In this mystery, Suzanne is enjoying a girl’s day out and a new hair color when a fire breaks out at the County Services office. Once the fire is out, a body is found. Suzanne’s friend Hannah is the victim. When the local Fire Marshall calls it arson and murder, the town is shocked. Even worse, Sherriff Doogie shows up at another friend’s wedding carrying a warrant and hunting a groom. Kindred are falling apart at the seams. Toni and Kat (the almost-bride) asks Suzanne to help clear Ricky (the almost-groom) of murder. Toni believes Suzanne is a First Class Amateur sleuth. Kit wants Suzanne to help because Suzanne is closest to Sherriff Doogie and wants her to persuade Doogie to drop the charges. Suzanne just can’t say no…

Scorched Eggs is loaded with clues and suspects. Childs’ generously wraps this whodunit in Kindred’s local activities. Mix in a parade and a county fair with a little investigating and you have suspicious behavior and close calls for all. Once again, I came away fully entertained – and hungry.

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