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Shadows on a Maine Christmas
Antique Print Mystery, #7
Lea Wait

Perseverance Press
9/9/2014 / ISBN 9781564745477
Mystery / Antiquing / Amateur sleuth / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Shadows on a Maine Christmas is about Maggie Summer and her Antique Print business. This year, Maggie's boyfriend, Will, is taking care of his aging aunt so she drives Maine to be with them. Will is also an Antique dealer. Will made a point in the last mystery that he doesn't care for Maggie's recent hobby in amateur sleuthing. Maggie can't help it; her last experience gave her feeling of empowerment and she wouldn't turn away from it if she had a chance to do it again. As luck would have it, she does, after Will's aunt receives a blackmail message. The message leads to a murder, and Maggie takes this opportunity - and Will's acquaintance with a state trooper - to get involved. In turn, Will takes the time to show Maggie his plans for his future and his business. Looks like Maggie has some decisions of her own to make.

Shadows on a Maine Christmas is my introduction to Wait's Antique Print series. I caught up on bits and pieces from past titles in this series through the spoilers. I found the Antique business interesting. I'll certainly look at Antique Prints differently, now. The series itself seems low key only in that there are no breath-taking, action-packed, death-defying scenes. The main character lives a quiet life and enjoys putting clues together as others might enjoy working a crossword puzzle. Maggie comes across as a gentle soul, and in this episode, her relationship with Will comes across as one-sided. I'm rooting for Maggie to stay true to herself. The author's presentation of Maine is beautifully written and makes me want to visit there, but maybe in the summer. Shadows on a Maine Christmas has plenty of clues, false leads, and an ending I did not see coming.

Reviewed 2014