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Shear Trouble
Southern Quilting Mystery #4
Elizabeth Craig

Obsidian Mystery
August 2014/ ISBN 045146950X
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


There is a quilt show coming up, and most of the ladies in The Village Quilters of Dappled Hills are not finished sewing their quilts. So it is decided to have a quilting retreat at Posy's Patchwork Cottage quilt shop that Friday evening. Several members of a rival quilt guild ask to join them. Phyllis Stitt and Martha Helmsley of the Cut-Ups will be joining them. There is no love lost between these two ladies as Martha is now dating Phyllis' ex-fiance, Jason Gore.

It is finally Friday night and the ladies are arriving at the Patchwork Cottage. Posy has to make sure not to seat Martha next to Phyllis. The ladies are admiring Phyllis' new super sharp shears. Phyllis says it makes a big difference in her quilts. Jason Gore shows up to show his support of Martha. He stays a very short time. Martha's son, Frank, arrives with a bag of material that Martha needs for her quilt. Frank is not a fan of Jason Gore. Soon after Frank leaves, Phyllis notices her shears are missing. Beatrice volunteers to look in the shop for them. She quickly finds them. However, she doubts they will ever be used again. The shears are stuck in Jason's chest. Beatrice and her quilting guild friends had better be careful solving this murder or they could end up quiltless.

Things to ponder: What is the reason that Martha wants to join the Friday night quilting retreat? Who is the young man that made Jason ill-at-ease? Why did Frank come back to the retreat after delivering the fabric? Will Beatrice keep the kitten?

This is such a fun series. I love this group of women who quilt together and have become more like family. The story pulled me right in and it soon became a page-turner of a read.

It is a delight to visit with Beatrice and her friends. They are an eclectic group of women brought together by their love of quilting. This book will charm cozy mystery readers. They will be on pins and needles trying to figure out whodunit. The author has thoughtfully provided some quilting tips and some delicious recipes. The next Southern Quilting Mystery will be out in June 2015. So, if you like your mystery filled with many patterns, then you should be reading Shear Trouble.

Reviewed 2014