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Sherlock Holmes and the Unholy Trinity
Paul D Gilbert

Robert Hale
31 May 2015/ ISBN 9780719813009

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Sherlock and Watson are eating their breakfasts one morning in 1896 when the door crashes open and a brightly dressed Bedouin bursts in brandishing a sword. He warns them not to meddle in the affairs of his people and vanishes. Soon the pair are on their way to the Vatican to solve the murder of a prominent cardinal, but what does this have to do with the mysterious Bedouin?

This is the fourth Holmes novel by this author and is every bit as exciting and colorful as it ought to be. From the startling beginning to the twist in the tail on the final page there is always something going on, and this time not only in foggy London. The sleuths not only visit Italy but also Egypt, and the reader is treated to some brief but well-worded descriptions along with the adventures. I have read a fair number of “pastiches” but this series is one of the best as the protagonists are spot on, and Mr. Gilbert always has plenty of bizarre touches in keeping with the Conan Doyle style. The story rattles along at a swift pace, finally leaving the reader hoping that the next book won’t be too long in coming. Recommended for all Holmes fans

Reviewed 2015