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The Skeleton Haunts a House
Family Skeleton Mystery #3
Leigh Perry

10/6/15/ ISBN 0425255859
Cozy Mystery / Paranormal / Amateur Sleuth / Academia / Holiday: Halloween

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Georgia and Sid are dressed and ready for the Halloween Howl at McQuaid University. Sid is going as Scooby-Doo and Georgia is Velma, the perfect sleuthing duo. When the bludgeoned body of Kendall Fizroy is found, Velma is trapped outside while Scooby is on his own inside - Ruh Roh. No worries, Georgia's sister Deborah is in charge of the Howl, and although she still harbors a childhood dislike for Sid, she hatches a plan to rescue him.

Deborah then begs Georgia to look into the murder and reveals a stipulation to McQuaid Hall that could cost the College big time if they don't reopen. As Georgia researches possible suspects, she wonders if it was a murder of opportunity or personal. When Sid hears about an unnamed McQuaid Heir, the manic comes out when his research comes up empty. Deborah reopens the Howl and Sid goes undercover to try and catch a killer. Series followers will be happy to hear Georgia's parents return and join in solving mystery, too. Brownie, the carny who helped identify Sid, also returns; he and Georgia seem to be hitting it off quite well.

The Skeleton Haunts a House is an engaging mystery. Leigh Perry fills the pages with suspects and clues, but it was the humor that stood out. I really enjoyed it. Georgia and Deborah's sibling rivalry is conveyed through teasing and humor this time. Sid is usually the comedian, but Georgia definitely stole the limelight a time or two. If you're looking for a truly unique mystery, then suspend your disbelief, sit back and enjoy this quirky, well-written mystery.

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Reviewer's Note: Leigh Perry is a pseudonym for Toni L.P. Kelner

Reviewed 2015