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Small Plates
Short Fiction
Katherine Hall Page

Harper Collins
May 2014/ ISBN 0062310798
Mystery – short stories

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


In this collection of nine short stories, Katherine Hall Page has served up a delicious treat. Each short fiction is the perfect little nibble that whets your reading appetite - especially when you only have a limited time available. Most of the stories feature Faith Fairchild - the beloved protagonist in Katherine Hall Page’s culinary mystery series. I tried to find the one story that was my favorite. It was impossible to choose just one. I loved each one as I read it. The stories varied - as does a menu in a wonderful restaurant. There was a missing will, a wannabe widower, a baby found in a barn and even a reality cooking show.

Each is the perfect confection that will satisfy your need to read a mystery. If you are a fan of the Faith Fairchild mystery series, then you will enjoy these glimpses into Faith’s past. The stories take place in various states and we even get to travel abroad to England. It is also a good way to get a taste of what is in store for you, should you decide to read this delightful cozy mystery series. I was thrilled to have a few more stories that feature one of my very favorite heroines – while waiting for the next full length mystery. I am hoping to be served more of these short fiction mysteries in the future. So, if you like your mystery with a plate of hors d’oeuvres, then you should be reading Small Plates.

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