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Snapped In Cornwall
The Cornish Mysteries - Book I
Janie Bolitho

Allison and Busby
19 March 2015/ ISBN 9780749017699

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Rose Trevelyan works as a photographer in west Cornwall. One day she is called to the grand residence of one Gabrielle Milton to take photographs that are going to be made into Christmas cards. She likes her new client but is surprised to be invited to a party shortly afterwards as they have not previously met. Attending proves to be a wrong decision as her hostess is murdered but being pushed from a balcony. The police look interestedly in Rose’s direction, so it is time to turn sleuth.

This is the first in a reprint of this popular series of seven books, first published back in 1997. I had heard of the books and was keen to sample them particularly as I too live in the West Country. The author lived in Cornwall herself and it shows; this is a realistic picture of a place where being an outsider can be a lonely life and gives a warts and all portrait of a rural coastal community. There is romance as well as mystery for Rose is finally getting over her beloved husband’s death and has more than one contender interested in being more than friends. The mystery is entertaining enough and to sum up this is a linear, traditional style of whodunit rather in the style described as cozy in the US but thought provoking rather than humorous. Rose misses her husband but is blessed with good friends and solving a mystery adds a new dimension to the life. I can understand why this series is so popular and I look forward to reading them all and getting to know the characters and setting better.


Reviewed 2015