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Snow White Red-Headed
Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery #1
Maia Chance

Berkley Prime Crime
November 4, 2014/ ISBN 978-0-425-27162-9
Mystery / Historical / Fairy Tale

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Ophelia Flax, born on a farmstead in New Hampshire may be out of her depth acting as a lady's maid to a wealthy American woman. Her friend, Prue Bright, has also been hired as a scullery maid. This is quite the change from the roles in Howard DeLuxe's Varieties shows, but they have almost no money and are desperate for jobs.

The Black Forest in Germany holds many secrets and tales straight out of the Grimm Brother's fairy tales. As it happens, on the property her employers, the Coops own, there has been found a small house and the bones which may belong to one of Snow White's dwarfs! The bones and other artifacts are taken to the Coops castle, but they are soon stolen. Mr. Coop has been murdered with a poisoned apple, and Prue is the chief suspect. That leaves it up to Ophelia to ponder the clues, weed through the suspects and prove her friend's innocence.

Maia Chance has woven a magical tale of murder, mystery and mayhem, set in the scary Black Forest in the year 1867. Her clever use of fairy tale lore captures the reader's imagination, while she lays out her plot. I never guessed the outcome for a minute, and I bet you won't either. I will wait eagerly for the next book in the series Cinderella Six Feet Under.

Reviewed 2014