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Spellcasting in Silk
A Witchcraft Mystery #7
Juliet Blackwell

July 7, 2015/ ISBN 978-0-451-46578-8
Mystery/Paranormal/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Lily Ivory is a special witch, who owns a vintage boutique in San Francisco. She enjoys her business, her friends, and her blossoming romance with a man called Sailor. She also just happens to have a companion pig, who in reality is a gobgoyle (a cross between a goblin and a gargoyle) with a tough exterior and a lovable soul with a wicked sense of humor. She's a special witch because she is still learning her powers and because she uses them not only to help people, but to help solve murders.

Lily is the SFPD's “Official” Paranormal Consultant and has helped to resolve several tricky cases since she moved to the city. These days, the mayor is up in arms about fraudulent psychics taking advantage of citizens and tourists, but the problem that is going on within the paranormal community seems to go much deeper. A woman has jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, and her apparent suicide may not be so apparent after all. She had a connection to a botanica in the Mission District where she was seeking fertility help. As it happens, her elderly mother had died recently as well, and Lily finds a voodoo type poppet in the mother's home. To make matters worse, a teenage girl with special powers of her own has gone missing, and her grandmother (who just happens to own the botanica in question) has begged Lily to find the granddaughter and keep her safe while she, herself, is in prison.

I'm always so excited when there is a new Witchcraft Mystery released. I enjoy everything about the series from the San Francisco setting to the characters and the interwoven lives of those involved in the mystery. The addition of young Selena, the girl with special powers, is a great one, and I hope the character will appear in future books. The romance between Lily and Sailor is interesting, but I'm also intrigued by what the future may hold for her with the powerful Aidan and his predictions about their future working together. My favorite character, however, remains Oscar the gobgoyle/pot bellied pig, who stole my heart in previous books in the series.

In a time where paranormal or para-cozy mysteries have become more and more common, Juliet Blackwell stands out as an author who provides readers with a most unique, mysterious, and magical world.

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Reviewer Notes: Juliet Blackwell also writes “The Haunted Home Renovation Mysteries” series.

Reviewed 2015