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The Spy House
Spycatcher #5
Matthew Dunn

William Morrow
October 20th, 2015/ ISBN 9780062309495

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


The Spy House by Matthew Dunn brings back the character Will Cochrane. Having been an MI6 operative himself Dunn is able to write realistic scenarios. With his background in intelligence collection, agent running, debriefing, deep cover deployments, surveillance, and covert actions he is able to apply that to his characters and plots.

In addition to being a thriller this fifth novel is also a mystery. Will must figure out how four international agents from the US, England, Israel, and France, working on a super-secret mission, died in a safe house in Beirut. They were trying to find out if a terrorist organization was behind the killing of the Israeli ambassador to France. The investigation leads to the American Agent Roger Koenig killing the other agents. Cochrane, no longer with MI6 is tasked with finding out the truth behind all five killings. But he is being thwarted by a mysterious and shadowy figure that seems to know his every move.

A great character introduced in this novel is Danny Weiss, a Mossad agent who is also investigating the killings. He teams up with Will as the two agents use their skills to find out what really happened. Like Will, Danny strives to protect his fellow citizens and will do what is necessary. He is ruthless, professional, and honorable. Unfortunately, Dunn does not know when Danny will come back in another story, stating, “It has to be natural to bring any character back.”

It appears that the next book will continue where this book left off. Dunn will take Will into a completely new direction where he will be even more of a loner than he already is, almost like a fugitive on the run. The author stated, “I will be writing mainstream thriller novels instead of spy novels. Will is going to be put in testy situations where he may well break the law but he is going to make the right decision. The next novel focuses on someone out for revenge against Will, framing him for murder.”

Fans of Will Cochrane need to stay tuned to see what direction Dunn will move him. Will he be more like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, or Brad Taylor’s Pike Logan?

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