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The Stitching Hour
Embroidery Mystery #9
Amanda Lee

November 3, 2015/ ISBN 978-0-451-47384-4
Mystery / Cozy / Amateur Sleuth / Holiday: Halloween

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Marcy Singer is getting ready to throw a party celebrating the one year anniversary of her embroidery shop, the Seven-Year-Stitch. It is October, nearing Halloween and Tallulah Falls, the small town in Oregon where Marcy lives and works, is preparing for that big event, too.

In fact, the vacant shop next to the Seven-Year-Stitch has been leased for one month to an eccentric couple who plan to run a very scary adult-oriented haunted house. Marcy isn't too concerned, after all, it's only for a month, but another shop owner, Nellie Davis is worried enough to consider moving. She firmly believes that the couple, Claude and Priscilla Atwood, are vampires!

When a waitress named Keira is murdered on the pavement outside of the haunted house, the vampire rumor seems more real than it should. Surely the marks on Keira's neck can't be from vampire fangs, can they? Or from one of the snakes from the snake room in the haunted house? Keira had been working inside as a temporary server, but there is no indication that any of the snakes got out.

A friend of Marcy's is considered the prime suspect because of her son's relationship to Keira, and because of a key-chain from Marcy's shop. Marcy knows Christine isn't a killer and sets out to find the truth.

I've enjoyed this series from the very start. Sometimes by the seventh or eighth book, cozy series start to run out of steam, but not the Embroidery Mystery series. Author Amanda Lee does a great job of keeping the series moving, relationships developing, and new people coming to town, while at the same time giving readers enough history that they can read each book as a stand-alone without losing any of the essence of the series.

I love Angus, Marcy's Irish wolf hound, and his antics are as usual, amusing and sweet. Having Marcy's mother in town with her own secrets and plans adds another interesting element.

If you enjoy a down-to-earth cozy with a touch of romance and enough twists and turns to keep the mystery a mystery, you'll really enjoy The Stitching Hour.

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Reviewed 2015