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Taken In
Southern Sewing Circle Series # 9
Elizabeth Lynn Casey

August 5, 2014/ ISBN 9780425257852
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Victoria “Tori” Sinclair and her friends, Rose, Debbie, Beatrice, Leona and Leona’s twin Margaret Louise, along with Dixie, win an appearance on a New York television show, Taped with Melly and Kenneth, the result of a letter sent to them by Margaret Louise describing how the Sweet Briar sewing group became such close friends simply by picking up a sewing needle.

While the women are thrilled to be able to see New York, Dixie uses the trip to meet John, a man she met online. Unfortunately, Leona recognizes John from Paris, and knows for certain he’s a con man who scams older women out of their money. When John is murdered, half a scarf is found in Dixie’s purse – the other half found near John. When Dixie becomes the main suspect and is taken into police custody, it’s up to the sewing circle group to prove her innocence.

The magic of this book is the delightful, close-knit group of women, each of whom stands out from the norm. They are all remarkable and try to prove that Dixie is incapable of murder. Despite several possible suspects, they have no proof, which only adds to the suspense.

A delightful new character in this book is Charles, who runs McCormick’s Book Store. He is an absolute charmer and over exuberant when he recognizes the group from the TV show. Though always cheerful, he gets emotional when the women ask for his help in proving Dixie is not a murderer. While I had several chuckles from the ladies of the sewing circle, Charles’ actions and dialogue had me laughing out loud.

Taken In is a delightful mystery with a not-so-obvious villain, resplendent with touches of humor and loaded with caring characters that remained in my memory long after I closed the book.

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Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2014