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A Tale of Two Biddies
League of Literary Ladies Mystery #2
Kylie Logan

Berkley Prime Crime/ ISBN 0425257762
February 4, 2014
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Put-in-Bay is celebrating Bastille Day. In fact, they are having events that will last an entire week. All to promote tourism in this little island community on Lake Erie. In honor of the event, the League of Literary Ladies has decided to read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. These ladies, who used to be enemies, are now the best of friends. Because of all their bickering, they were sentenced to a year of weekly book discussions by the local court.

Bea Cartwright is delighted that her B&B is filled. She and the rest of her group are going to all the events for Bastille Day. Chandra, Kate, Luella and Bea are going to the mini concert at Levi's bar. The band playing is called Guillotine. Put-in-Bay even have has their own Defarge Twins. Yes, they own the local knitting shop.

After the concert, Bea is heading towards the restrooms. She finds Richie sitting all by himself. Bea was instrumental in rescuing Richie when he fell off the dock the night before. Richie was not sleeping as Bea first thought - - but dead. Richie has made most of the town angry with his careless ways. So there are quite a number of suspects. Heads will roll if Bea and the rest of the literary ladies do not find the murderer.

Things to ponder: Who pushed Richie off the dock? Who changed the blade in the guillotine? Where is Richie getting all this money? Exactly what does Levi know about Bea's secret?

I was looking forward to reading A Tale of Two Biddies from the day I finished reading Mayhem at the Orient Express. I always get a little nervous before I start the next book in the series. Would the book deliver? Will this series be a one hit wonder? This series will not just be a one hit wonder. A Tale of Two Biddies was even better than Mayhem at the Orient Express. So this book really delivered. It is a real page turner filled with the quirky characters you love. I love the parallels the author uses to bring home the similarities between A Tale of Two Cities and her excellent story. So if you like your mystery with a literary edge, then you should be reading A Tale of Two Biddies.

Reviewed 2014