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Tapestry of Lies
A Weaving Mystery #2
Carol Ann Martin

January 2014
ISBN 045141361X
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Della Wright is thrilled when Bunny Boyd, celebrity interior designer and reality star, wants to place a huge order for custom woven fabric. As the owner of Dream Weaver, Della can use all the business she can get. Bunny invites Della and her friends to a cocktail party at Bernard Whitby’s mansion. This way Della can tour the rooms and then have an idea of just what Bunny is looking for in fabrics.

At the party, there is a mix-up with the ladies’ clutches and Della ends up going home with Rhonda McDermott’s purse. Rhonda calls her and makes plans to exchange purses the next morning at Coffee Break, the shop Rhonda owns with her husband, Phillip. Della arrives and the store lights are off. The door is open and Della heads inside. Rhonda hears her calling out and comes into the store.

She then finds her very dead husband behind the counter. When Jenny, Della’s BFF, becomes a person of interest, Della can’t help but get involved. Della had better be very careful investigating this murder or she could end up entwined in the murderer’s web.

Things to ponder: Why doesn’t Rhonda McDermott get along with Emma Blanchard? Who called in the tip about seeing Jenny near Coffee Break at the time of the murder? Was Phillip McDermott having an affair?

This second book in the Weaving Mystery series knocks it out of the park. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing whodunit. I enjoy the cast of quirky characters that are Della’s friends and neighbors. The plotting is stellar. This was a fast read for me. The author has included some weaving tips.

So if you like your mystery with a crafty touch, then you should be reading Tapestry of Lies.

Reviewed 2014