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The Target
Will Robie Series #3
David Baldacci
Read by Ron McLarty, Orlagh Cassidy

Grand Central
9/16/2014/ ISBN 9781455521180
Suspense / CIA / International / Audiobook – Unabridged / CDs

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Baldacci once again pairs up Will Robie and Jessica Reel -- government assassins’ extraordinaire. When Robie and Reel first met in The Hit they were on opposite sides. In this storyline they’re dependent on each other for survival. Also returning is Julie Getty; her first appearance was in The Innocent. If you want a full background of all three characters or want to avoid spoilers, I recommend starting with The Innocent followed by The Hit.

Robie and Reel are brought to what the government calls the Burner Box. They will be vetted for an international mission. The president wants to assassinate a foreign leader and doesn’t want to get caught. When Reel accepts the case she assumes all is forgiven in her last kill (The Hit) but someone wants revenge -- and if Robie’s an innocent casualty, so be it. When the Burner Box vetting becomes deadly, Robie and Reel need someone on their side. The Blue Man makes a secret visit with some news. The two discover who the target is and how plans have changed due to an unknown assassin. This assassin’s childhood in a North Korean concentration camp fills the storyline. Her job after killing a traitor is to attack America and teach their leader a lesson. She is invisible and lethal. Robie and Reel won’t see her coming.

During a break from the international situation, Reel deals with her father, a former Alabama Nazi sympathizer now on death row. The visit is an added thread to the storyline which reveals more about Reel and her past. This is where Julie Getty meets up with Robie and Reel, as well.

After listening to the multiply storylines, all I have to say is Baldacci gets better with age. Readers can expect plenty of action, twists and turns and - best of all - justice served. The audio version is so intense. It had me coming back for more….

Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy narrate The Target. They also narrate The Hit and The Innocent. The Hit is a 2014 Audie Award Winner, Thriller/Suspense. McLarty narrates a professional side of Robie and provides a slightly softer tone when it comes to Reel and Julie. He really brings out the creepiness of Reel’s father. Cassidy’s narration shows listeners an unwavering Reel; a young Julie with an old soul and a soft-spoken, chilling North Korean killer. I can’t think of a more professional pair than these McLarty and Cassidy; these two steal the show.

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