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A Taste Fur Murder
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot #1
Dixie Lyle

St. Martin
February 25, 2014 / ISBN 1250031079
Mystery - Cozy / Paranormal / Pets

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Deirdre F Lancaster (Foxtrot) is the administrative assistant to Zelda Zoransky (ZZ). Judging by the way ZZ spends her money she may be a zillionaire. ZZ lives on a big estate with a private zoo and a live-in Vet. She has a large garden and a pet cemetary next door. She also has her own security. ZZ loves to entertain interesting people, so there are a lot of characters passing through her salon. ZZ's concern right now is a stray dog that no one can catch. Head of Security thinks someone is out to get ZZ. Foxtrot lucks out and finds the stray dog - and a new mission in life… Eventually, Foxtrot discovers someone really is after ZZ, and it's Foxtrot's divine job to save her. Foxtrot gets a little paranormal help and experiences some paranormal danger. Lucky for her there's a little romance to even it all out.

You really don't get the full story when you read the blurb on the cover, which is great because the readers gets to discover for themselves how entertaining this group of characters can be. In the first few chapters I thought hmm… I don't know… But as the storyline moved, the characters developed and the mystery unfolded, I sat back and enjoyed it. By the end I was hooked and now look forward to the next in series. What hooked me? Foxtrot's relationship with her ghostly cat and the kind-hearted shape-shifting dog; the verbal sparring among the animals; the intricate mystery and the author's humor throughout. The Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot series fits today's paranormal interests, which makes it stand out. But even better, the author goes beyond ghosts to make this series quite unique… If you enjoy cozy mysteries with a twist, you'll enjoy this series.

Reviewed 2014