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The Three Emperors
Ethan Gage #7
By William Dietrich

2015 / ISBN 9780062194121
Historical / Adventure / Nineteenth-century

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Adventurer Ethan Gage returns for another episode in this series of historical thrillers that in many respects mirrors the old Indiana Jones novels.

Having just survived the battle of Trafalgar, Ethan is looking for his wife, Astiza, and their son, who has been taken captive by a ruthless mystic and his sidekick, a dwarf alchemist.

The quest to set his wife and son free is also wrapped up in the search for the Brazen Head, a medieval device that supposedly can predict the future. Enlisting a Jewish Napoleonic soldier, Gideon Dray, and the man's father, Aaron, a rabbi who is conversant in the legends surrounding the Golem, Ethan's new adventure is as exciting as those which have gone before it.

In a new narrative twist, Dietrich allows Astiza to add her point of view in the plot's development and the exotic beauty is busy on her end of the story foiling her captors' plans as her husband looks for her.

If you have followed this series, this is obviously a "must" read, and you'll find this reads as quickly and is as riveting as the previous six novels that have gone before it.

Reviewed 2015