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UnLucky 13
Women's Murder Club #13
James Patterson, Maxine Paetro
Read by January LaVoy

Hachette Audio
5/5/2014/ ISBN 9781478953005
Suspense / Detective / California

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


“No rest for the wicked.” – Unlucky 13, James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

Just to give you a little insight on this series, The Women’s Murder Club takes place in San Francisco. Current members include: Homicide Detective Lindsey Boxer, Crime Reporter Cindy Thomas (Cindy dubbed their group The Murder Club), Chief Medical Examiner Claire Washburn, and District Attorney Yuki Castellano.

They’re professionals who are emotionally comfortable with each other, and they are quick to provide support of any kind, no matter what. The Murder Club has experienced both positive and devastating changes throughout this series, so if you’re new to the series, be aware there are spoilers from previous titles.

Unlucky 13 opens with ME Claire calling Boxer and partner Rich Conklin to a car accident on the Golden Gate Bridge. What looks like a driver losing control actually isn’t, once they look inside the jeep. Its murder – by personal bomb – and Boxer is sure someone’s sending her a message. The ladies also discover Mackie Morales is back and looking for revenge. Cindy is the one who becomes obsessed with finding her. Yuki on the other hand is celebrating and taking a cruise with the man of her life. If you’re thinking Boxer and Cindy are the ones left to deal with a whole lot of crazy -- think again. Yuki’s cruise is a trip she’ll never forget.

Expect the unexpected in Unlucky 13. Boxer’s bombing case is just mind boggling; you just can’t imagine how or why this killer is does what he or she is does. Morales’ obsession with Boxer, and who Morales is sharing her vengeful plans with, will have you slowly backing away. It’s just plain creepy. Yuki’s cruise had me on the edge of my seat. It’s the cruise of a life time, in that you’ll never want to do it again. Patterson and Paetro take listeners/readers on a death defying ride and give them three, count them, three showdowns. What a listen.

Actress January LaVoy once again narrates the Women’s Murder Club. Her narration has her effectively switching from the confidence of Boxer to the insanity of Morales. It was interesting to hear Lavoy’s version of the good guys and the bad guys. For me, the combination of the authors’ words and LaVoy’s narration had me stopping in my tracks from time to time. It’s not surprising January Lavoy was named Publisher Weekly’s 2013 Audiobook Narrator of the Year

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