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Robert J. Mrazek

October 7, 2014/ ISBN 978-0-45-146872-7
Ancient Mystery-Thriller

Reviewed by Claudia VanLydegraf


This book is a very fast read, because it keeps the mind of the reader busy, which is something I am mostly used to, but not completely. So much happened in such a short time period (basically about a month of time) it was hard to put the book down, for fear that something else would magically get into the story while you (the reader) are sleeping. Because of excellent writing and comprehension of the vastness of events from various different places in the world and a timing that had to follow very closely, Vahalla is a fun read. I must say I have not read anything else, by Mr. Mrazek, and I really want to get my hands on other things he’s written, because his mind and writing ability is a fun participant inside his books.

Greenland Ice is a formidable thing to overcome, and lots of ships, planes and towns have been lost in Ice Flows in that unnavigable frozen 'desert' of Ice. One night you can find a village, and 24 hours later, there is no trace, because of an incoming of a storm and the wind that blows things smooth, the ice covers everything and soon no trace is left.

During World War II a bomber went down somewhere over Greenland. It was not to be seen or found for over 70 years. A wealthy man who searches for lost treasure and objects has decided to try to find that bomber. When it went down, it landed in a mystic place that was right on top of a ship buried under 500 feet of ice, with nine perfectly preserved crewmen from the Viking era of Iceland that had been lost "at sea" since at least the early 1,000's BC era. The leader of the recovery of the plane is a guy named Steven Macauley, retired from the Air Force, a group of Ancient Norse researchers and Rune readers is brought in, among them is Alexandra (Lexy) Vaughan and several other men who are very proficient in their knowledge and abilities. Some others are let in on the expedition that should not be included, because they don't want the truths that will be found to be known. The revealing of those truths takes many turns and many lives, and winds up in the coastline of Maine, and the things that are found can possibly change everything about our history of America. That is a reason there has been no acknowledgments of the findings or solidarity of opinions of the true historical findings. Where and when did Leif Erickson really DIE, it is a question that has been asked and not answered for many ages by many historians. We know that he or his fellow Norwegian's and Icelandic's came to America, but was the only place visited near Minnesota or did those explorers go more places and do other things? This book Valhalla, might give a reader pause to think about some of that possible history and form answers of their own.

I love the pace of Mr Mrazek's writing and his genius in putting a good mystery together... a great combination to have.

Reviewed 2014