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Wait for the Signs
Walt Longmire Short Story Collection
Craig Johnson

Viking Adult
October 21, 2014/ ISBN 978-0525427918
US / Police Procedural / Wyoming / Contemporary

Reviewed by LJ Roberts


First Sentence; First Story: It’s hard to argue with an old Indian or his tricks.

How nice to have collection of Johnson’s annual Christmas stories, all in one place. Plus, there is the added gift of a new story, and a wonderful, personal introduction by Lou Diamond Phillips, the actor who plays Henry Standing Bear in the Longmire television series, based on the series.

Phillips introduction expresses so much of what I feel about Johnson’s writing, as well as the pleasure of meeting Craig and his wife Judy.

The stories are of the same, high quality we’ve come to expect from Johnson. They are thoughtful and entertaining with each containing a small lesson as well. From how one should never overlook the basics, to realizing that salvation can come from unexpected sources, to forgiveness and tolerance. It’s lovely that there is even a small reference to the American actor Robert Taylor, perhaps best known for the Westerns he made in the 1960s, as an homage to the Australian actor currently playing Sheriff Longmire. There are also lessons on acceptance, remembering others, giving, priorities, desperation and redemption. But we also learn the history of the term, “Indian Summer.”

Wait for the Signs is a classic example of Johnson’s humor, wisdom and wonderful writing. As well as a treat for oneself, it is an excellent introduction to those who’ve not read Johnson before.

Reviewed 2015