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Walking By Night
Joe Plantagenet Police Procedural – Book V
Kate Ellis

Severn House Digital (Ebook)
1 July 2015/ ASIN: B00XUYR574

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Young Debby Telerhaye is coming home from a night out with her friends. Alone in the fog she stumbles upon a body, but the police are naturally skeptical when the body is nowhere to be seen. The body turns up elsewhere the next day, and sparks an investigation to discover who she is. DI Joe Plantagenet is plunged into an investigation involving a local theater company, a charismatic psychic, Debby’s family history and Eborby’s many spooky legends.

I always enjoy this author’s work and this latest entry is no exception. It hits the ground running in fine style as Debby hurries home through the fog and manages to keep the various plot strands all going merrily at once like juggling balls. You won’t find any parts in here where the story treads water, and like all good series there is more in here than just a whodunit. Joe’s relationship with Maggie is rekindled, and we learn a little more about this enigmatic sleuth with a murky past. Ms Ellis does not allow any of this to get in the way of a good detective story, and nothing that happens in here could be called romance. Instead Joe and Emily question the suspects and the reader gets to chase after various red herrings before guessing whodunit, which is not difficult, but too enjoyable for that to be a problem. If you like police procedurals with a twist then this ought to appeal, but needs to be read in order rather than as a standalone, like all the best series.

Walking by Night [Review 1]

Reviewed 2015