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Warriors (2nd review)
Alex Hawke Series #8
Ted Bell

Wm Morrow
April 1, 2014/ ISBN 9780062279385
Mystery / Thriller

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


Best-selling author Ted Bell’s latest book Warriors delves into the dangers of an emerging China. This spy thriller brings back his main character, Alex Hawke who is not the ordinary super spy. In this novel Hawke plays a supporting role to the gripping plot, which Bell uses as a sounding board to wake-up his readers.

Yet, readers who want more than just a gripping plot will enjoy how Bell balances it with characters’ lives. He shows how they deal with vulnerability, love, loss, and the uncertain future. Family plays a significant role, as he explores the relationships between Alex and his son, as well as between father, son, and Nell, the governess from Scotland Yard. Just as with Prince William and Kate, Bell’s main character Alex Hawke must deal with the difficult realities of protecting a child that is endangered just because he is Alex’s son. As with Prince George’s nanny, Nell can be described as Mary Poppins with combat training. Bell noted, “There is a large division of Scotland Yard called the Royal Protection Service, which I changed to the Operational Command Unit of the Metropolitan Police Service. These ‘nannies’ are trained police that become caretakers for the royalty.”

Many of Bell’s fans have likened Alex Hawke to James Bond, a comparison he disagrees with. The author describes his main character as dashing, sophisticated, emotional, witty, passionate, and a highly eligible bachelor. He noted, “Bond was a creature of the 20th century where as Hawke is from the 21st century. He is thirty-three years old and the sixth richest person in England. Unlike Bond, Alex is a living breathing man who falls in love, misses his child, gets hurt, sees the world as good vs. evil, and can be very emotional. He represents a way of life that is rapidly receding in America. Alex is a man of character with the bulldog tenacity of Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan. All these men would never give in. We have gone from fighting on the beaches to sun tanning on the beaches.”

There are two powerful themes from the book. The mindset in Washington: We will not have to worry about the Chinese military capability until well into the next decade, and Washington behaves like a crippled giant. Bell commented, “Looking at every possible recent scenario we are on the losing side, whether in Crimea, Syria, or Iran, our government makes a big show but there is never a price to pay. Our navy is the smallest it’s been since WWII. It is like we are dismantling this country with a lot of damage being done. We are on the defensive, which is depressing. China is becoming much more powerful.”

Ted Bell hopes his readers will find Warriors, a “tongue in cheek book, that is fun to read while learning a little something.” This book accomplished this and a lot more with a gripping and realistic plot with likeable main characters.

1st review of Warriors

Reviewed 2014