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Weave of Absence
Weaving Mystery #3
Carol Ann Martin

October 2013/ ISBN 0451413628
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


None of her friends have met the man Marnie Potter will soon be marrying. That doesn’t stop Della Wright from throwing Marnie and fiancé Bruce Doherty an engagement shower. It is being held at her weaving studio – Dream Weaver. Della wonders why Marnie has kept this charming and handsome man under wraps. The party is in full swing and Della spots Bruce in an argument with Helen DuBois. Della has also seen Bruce talking surreptitiously to Melinda Wilson. That is a very strange way for a newly engaged man to act. Soon after her confrontation with Bruce, Helen leaves the party looking very ill.

Della decides to check up on Helen the next day, using her weaving project as an excuse for the visit. After knocking on the door and getting no answer, Della peaks in the window and sees Helen on her couch in a bizarre position. The police confirm that Helen has been murdered. Since Della has no faith in the local coroner, Dr. Cook, she will be trying to solve this case herself. She had better be very careful - because you never know what is looming around the next corner.

Things to ponder: Why was Nancy Cutler in a rush to leave the party? Why was Helen arguing with Bruce? Why does Bruce no longer want to live in Briar Hollow, North Carolina? Is there really something special about the old piece of fabric that Marnie owns?

This third book in the Weaving Mystery series scores a touchdown with me. I always enjoy visiting with Della and her friends. The book is well-plotted and will make a very satisfying read for cozy mystery lovers. The author has provided plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. This was a page-tuner of a read and I can’t wait to read the next in the delightful series. So, if you like your mystery woven with lots of clues and plot twists, you should be reading Weave of Absence.

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